Plain Trousers (No Satin)

Up to 28" waist/£70.00 per pair

Over 28" waist/£80.00 per pair

Trousers With Outside Leg Satin

Up to 28" waist/£80.00 per pair

Over 28" waist/£90.00 per pair

Extra Over Prices

Satin waistband plus £10.00

Belt loops x 5 plus £10.00

Dear Customers,

When you have decided what you want (see above), please

email me with those details, include when you require

delivery and also send your measurements (taken as per my

instructions) and I will then email you a price, including a

delivery cost and tell you how to pay. Should you decide to

go ahead with the order, please note that all trousers must

be paid for upfront to secure that order.

Thank You

N.b. As standard trousers come high waisted and with a stitched crease down

the front, should you not require one or either of these, please state at the time

when ordering, also, all my trousers come with a 3" hem.

Thank You

Measurements Required

Waist - Take this at belly button height

Hips- Measure widest part of hips, which should include

the biggest part of the bottom

Inside Leg- Start at the top of the inside leg and go down to

where you want the trousers to finish with dance shoes on

Outside Leg- Start at belly button height, go all the way

down the outside leg, to where you want the trousers to

finish with dance shoes on

Thigh- Widest part

N.B. When measuring, please do not pull the tape measure

too tight or allow it to become too loose, make sure it sits

perfectly against the skin, I will allow room to move in the

trousers when I come to make them.

Thank You